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A PR-Magazine is a complete own Media Development and Production.
It belongs only in experts hands with special know how in Public Relations, if the publisher take risks for reputation and public response. All others is un- accountable. Therefore a PR Magazine requires not only for knowledge in strategy, conception and media content production; it requires very first for a permanent and high professional PR Back Office! Available and Stand-by. We offer PR Magazines as permanent PR-Front end solution or as a temporary supplement. In the first case is monthly budget required. Temporary supplements will ask for all-in project fees.
Temporary PR-Magazine Supplements for Exhibitions and Events
Temporary PR-Magazine Supplements are a professional Full Service and all-in Solution for Exhibitions and Events as a obligatory Follow-up step. (Excluded Photography, and long copy story writing.) On the other hand there is the risk to loose the capability of all optional good results for performed: Presentations Know how and competence transfer Business Development Customer retention Branding and finally        important motivation factors Sustained yield Watch the presentation: PR-Magazine.com
Important advice: The production of a supplement after a exhibition or a event is a real hot shot job! Three days with a daily average of production work up to 15 hours is regular. For this we please to understand, that Layout and work flow is fixed and complete in our hands. Changes can only be minimal with restrictions. We please our clients to support this project in every question or requirement we could have. Deadlines are binding. We produce „On the fly“. Means: What we do, is what you can see anytime. Thank you for your understanding. Questions? 
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