PR-Magazine 2020/2021
Job Call
Requirements Minimum Age 35 Male/Female Excellent communication skills Consulting/host qualities No problems with showing face in the public, on photos or in social media. The candidate has a fashionable style. Skills in short story writing,      documentation and reports      with a feeling for stories an      PR ideas. Experience in project organisation  
Freelance PR Consultant and Photographer We are looking for people with business field competence in: Fashion/Accessory and Retail Global Retail/Life Style Retail Chain Business Industry Business Handcraft (Production/Trading) Hotel F and B Event Business Art Business Music Business Public People Business Evidence with CV
The candidate is located in central: Hong Kong Shanghai New York Los Angeles London Paris Milan Rome Berlin
The candidate is organized with a functional home office. Skype is must have. Mother language and English is required.
Christian von der Eltz, CEO CEA since 1992 Creative Director Photographer ChristianvonderEltz.com
We are just only looking for candidates they are interested in a long term job and business perspective. Our business culture base on trustworthiness. Integrity, loyalty, reliability and fair play for everybody are our highest principle. Not touchable. Only to make money is here not enough. We want to grow with social competence and empathy. With a PR Magazine we feel a special responsibility for people. And this is always something personal.
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Therefore we never please someone to fill out a incognito web form. We reply any request within 24 hours. We show face and we expect that our candidates and all of our contacts and business partners do the same. If you are interested to work with and for a company which don‘t follow the mainstream, then we enjoy to learn you. Write a cover letter as pdf with CV and full contact files incl. Skype. backoffice@christianvondereltz.com