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First of all: Please understand our calculation
Photography is a comprehensive scheme with different cost- factors for: Studio and Equipment Invests and running external costs Mobility and logistic Studio administration and management Photographer fees and team support Legal obligations and administration And there is a lot of more… Fact is: 1 hour net photography requires for relevant effort before and after a shooting: Client meetings and proposals Standby time for questions and support Project development and project management Shooting organisation, preparation, installations,        settings and logistic. And also this is finally not all. To cover all this costs we fix a hour item which includes all this details. Formular: 1 hour Net-Photography means here 2,5 hours gross time incl. side factors. With it the lowest possible h/rate we offer is about: 250,00 Euro plus tax.                           ================= Commercial Shootings can reach a higher h/rate especially then, if the creative-, technical- or administrative time and effort needs more attention. For this exceptional case please pay attention also for our Back Office Fees. Therefore clients can support to keep the time and effort lower: With a written briefing for a later binding proposal With reliable communication How we work?
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Event Shoots include from time to time some possibly risk factors, no Photographer can influence. But if we can take notice in advance, we give clients a advice.
Weather:                      Rain, Fog, Storm Backgrounds:                Unfavourable perspectives External light sources:  Hotel, Restaurant, Event Locations Space:                          Light Settings, tripods,                                     liberty of action                           Outfit from guests:       Dress code (Events) incl. make up
By the way: Black/White Photography is more effective and eliminate the most of all.