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Media Conceptions Media PR-Content Campaigns + Handouts Formal Communication Statements Documentations + Reports Story-Telling Idea Copy/Conception Photography Layout
Campaign artwork, PR-Stories and documentations can get a comprehensive scheme. Even Event Photography for later PR-activities. All these requires for detailed information, fixed in a written creative briefing or project draft for a binding proposal with a binding agreement. Please calculate 1,5 hours for a first meet.
If you come in contact for the first time please write a mail to: backoffic@ChristianvonderEltz.com Please introduce yourself with some words, who you are? Describe the rough idea about the overall requirements and targets. Some information about schedule, timing and deadline are helpful. What is what you expect? Please finish your mail with full contact details. (Signature) Your full name, Agency-, Studio- (Company name), function, title, your mail address (no info@…23425@…) and Mobil number.
Your first info request
Are you available for a personal meet? Are you available for a video call in case a meet is not possible at this moment? Do you have a rough idea about the max. costs/budget in plan? To answer questions for binding costs (outside standart shoots) before a meet, a talk and a written project draft with calculation for a proposal is excluded.